My Just Your Story: Carole Wilson

What does travelling mean to you ?

Travel to me means adventure, living life, leaning different cultures and meeting many interesting people.

Were you nervous on your first Just You holiday?

Nervous ! Extremely nervous !! I hadn’t been on holiday since 1986, and that was only the one time, then in 2015 I went to Canada with a friend, whom had to basically hold my hand all of the time! The next time I wished to go away, I had no one to go with so I booked a holiday in South Africa with Just You ! Can’t tell you how I felt as the day got closer but the Just You rep was brilliant and really looked after me. I enjoyed this trip so much and it gave me so much confidence too! I felt I’d achieved so much, so I booked again to go to New Zealand, the best thing about these holidays is that you are never alone but have your own privacy, I wouldn’t have it any other way now.

What were the highlights of your holidays ?

Highlights! Far too many to mention, but here’s a few, South Africa & Galapagos has to be the wildlife. New Zealand & South Africa the scenery, South Africa the culture and the history. Most of all the people I’ve met and friends I have made. If I had to choose one thing, I would say the snorkelling in the Galapagos !

What are your future holiday plans?

I am going on the Gorillas in the Mist tour in Uganda, this looks another great adventure for me, looking forward to seeing the wildlife and the scenery and learn another culture. I’m unsure about the next tour as yet? But my idea is to get all those long haul energetic tours done first whilst I’m still fit and able, because as I get older I can then look at the cruises and Europe tours? Well that’s my plan.

What would you say to a solo person thinking about travelling?

I say JUST DO IT! Get it booked and worry about it after, they will find out it will have been the best thing they would have done for a long time! And remember everyone is in the same boat as you, and alone, you will make many new friendships and everyone looks after each other, no one gets left out, just Enjoy the experience and book all the extra tours

Thank you, Just You ! For getting my confidence back, otherwise I’d have become a hermit on my farm every day! I’ve a lot to thank Just you for, believe me! - Carole Wilson

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