Incredible experiences on solo holidays

All of our tours have been created with you, the solo traveller in mind. Every holiday is packed full of incredible experiences that you will share with your fellow travellers.

Below are a few of our favourite amazing moments that make you gasp out loud or laugh until you cry and remember fondly for years to come. 

  1. Italy

    Stroll through fragrant citrus groves in Sorrento and learn how the famous liqueur, Limoncello, is made.

  2. Costa Rica

    Find out about the traditional way to make chocolate with the indigenous Bribri people and enjoy a tasting of course!

  3. Nepal

    Enjoy a Newari feast with up to 15 dishes being served. We will eat the traditional way, using our hands rather than utensils, and sat on a handmade carpet.

  4. South Africa

    Feel the heartbeat of Africa with our pre-dinner interactive djembe drumming session.

  5. New Zealand

    Cruise Milford Sound and experience cascading waterfalls, lush rain forest and the iconic Mitre Peak in this famous World Heritage region.

Best seats in the house

Holidays are always special, no matter where you go or when you travel. And they're even more memorable if you take in something amazing that you don’t see every day – whether it’s a world‑famous festival, a seasonal event or a once‑in‑a‑lifetime experience. Why not venture to South America and take in the world famous Rio Carnival, see the spectacular display of Cherry Blossom in Japan or sit back and watch the dramatic performance of the Oberammergau Passion Play. 


  1. Carnival!
    Limited Availability

    Chile, Argentina & Brazil Rio Carnival Winners' Parade

    Discover the incredible highlights of Chile, Argentina and Brazil before experiencing the magnificent Rio Carnival Winners' Parade from your seat in the Sambodromo.

    • Just You Private Chauffeur Service
    • Return flights
    • 12 nights in a 4 & 5-star hotels and 14 meals

    15 days from
  2. Pagoda overlooking Mount Fuji, Japan

    Japan Revealed

    From the natural beauty of Mount Fuji to the spectacular skyline of Tokyo, enigmatic Japan offers a unique holiday experience. Discover ancient temples, enjoy a traditional tea ceremony and travel on the famous Bullet Train.

    • Just You Private Chauffeur Service
    • Return flights
    • 9 nights in 4-star hotels, 2 nights in flight and 17 meals

    12 days from
    was $5,799