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Namibia is one of Africa’s most vibrant countries. With a diverse array of landscapes, kaleidoscopic palette of colours, and thriving wildlife population, your stay here will give you a newfound sense of just how beautiful the world can be. Tribal traditions and customs – such as those of the Damara, one of Namibia’s oldest peoples – are still very much alive here, giving overseas visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a culture totally different to their own. Also, history buffs will appreciate the chance to take in the country’s colonial architecture, especially prominent in its incredible capital: Windhoek. For sure, your stay in Namibia with Just You promises to be one you’ll never forget.

From tribes and natural wonders to a history and heritage like no other, you can expect an incredible, life-changing experience in Namibia. Sand dunes that look as if they’re permanently glowing and plunging canyons are common features of the landscape here, and you’ll even have the chance to go looking for rock art on the ancient basalt mountains that rise proudly throughout the country. For wildlife enthusiasts, the time will come for game drives featuring lions, elephants and rhinoceroses; be ready! Discover one of the most picturesque destinations in all of Africa on Namibia tours with Just You!

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  1. Namibia - Tribes and Natural Wonders

    Explore Namibia’s unique landscape of plunging canyons and towering sand dunes and set your sights on its national parks to discover thrilling wildlife.

    • 11 nights in great quality hotels & lodges and 22 meals
    • Many amazing experiences

    12 days from