Just You Cares

Changing lives through travel


We know the places we visit inside out and often get to hear about people and communities in need. Working with non-profit organisation Planeterra, we are supporting a variety of projects around the world through our Just You Cares initiatives. On some tours we'll take you to see the work that's being done and meet some of the people who benefit. 

Here are some of the projects we are supporting;

  1. Cafe Ubuntu

    On this exciting tour you will visit Café Ubuntu, which is supported by Just You Cares. Not only does it provide excellent coffee, food and handcrafted souvenirs to purchase, it also helps local people back into work, empowering an entire community.

  2. Justyoucares Ccaccaccollo

    The Ccaccaccollo Women’s Weaving Co-op

    The Ccaccaccollo Women’s Weaving Co-op supports a community near the Inca Trail. It funds training programmes to help bring back weaving traditions that have been lost over generations. Today, more than 55 women are involved, producing textiles from llama and alpaca wool. On our Highlights of Peru Tour, you will visit the centre and have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs.

  3. Justyoucares Sthree cafe

    The Sthree Café

    If you join this tour you are helping us support The Sthree Café, which employs women from the local community. It helps increase their income, strengthen their financial independence, and encourages them to become economically empowered. The café provides the women with a fair wage and the skills and training needed to work in the service sector. It serves fresh, vegetarian cuisine and provides a traditional Sri Lankan dining experience.