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Europe Solo Holidays

Named after a princess in Greek mythology called ‘Europa’, Europe is every bit as regal as its namesake. An exquisite blend of historic and modern, it’s one of the most popular continents to visit on holiday, and more recently it has become a go-to for solo travellers looking for adventure. Solo travel in Europe guarantees you a great time; there’s more art, culture and exciting landscapes than you could possibly imagine, and it’s all readily accessible for interested explorers. With Just You, all the treasures of this fascinating are yours to freely admire and appreciate in the company of other travellers who share your passion. Wherever you choose to go on the continent, a European adventure with Just You is a sure-fire way to make the most of your experience there. In a group is an excellent way to embrace a whole host of interesting cultures, and Just You is fully prepared to make this happen. Whether you’ve always wanted to visit Italy or are more intrigued by the charms of Croatia, we offer tours to suit a wide range of different interests; foodie, culture vulture or wildlife fan, there’s something for everyone in our selection of European tours for singles. Explore singles holidays to Europe with Just You and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Featured Europe Holidays

  1. Rustic Tuscan House
    Limited Availability

    Walking in Tuscany

    Charming towns, incredible architecture and rolling hillsides dotted with vineyards – as you walk through Tuscany's idyllic scenery you can discover it all. Historic Siena and Pisa are also nearby if you want to see more.

    8 days from
  2. Overlooking  Andalucia
    Limited Availability

    Treasures of Andalucia

    Admire the whitewashed houses clinging to the hilltop towns of Mijas and Ronda, discover Picasso’s birthplace, Malaga, and relax on Nerja’s sandy beaches.  

    8 days from

Popular Europe Destinations For Solo Travellers

  1. Italy

    Italy is a beautiful country inside and out; a warm welcome awaits anyone fortunate enough to visit, as well as a wealth of fabulous cities, sites and natural monuments that you’ll surely hold in your heart forever. Another aspect of Italy that draws tourists from all over the world is the food; innovative and delicious, Italian cuisine has always led the way in both flavour and technique.

  2. Spain

    he real Spain is out there if you know where to look, as fiery and romantic as you ever imagined. From tapas bars and coastal resorts to cobbled streets and tree-lined boulevards, it’s a picturesque nation with a rich culture and history; a place ready to welcome all sorts of solo travellers, whether it’s fun in the sun they want or they’re looking for some much-needed excitement and adventure.

  3. Croatia

    Croatia is a country like no other! From the picturesque coastal cities of Split and Dubrovnik to the elegant islands of Hvar, Brac, and Zlarin, you are guaranteed a good time wherever you go. Perfect for those with holiday fantasies featuring action-packed exploration in the shade of ancient walled towns the colour of soft orange, Croatia is the place to make all your dreams come true.

Northern & Central Europe Tour Destinations For Solo Travellers

  1. Small town with green mountain and lake backdrop


    Famously beautiful and filled with a wide array of wonders, both urban and natural, Austria is the ideal touring destination for single travellers. Waltzing so effortlessly between the metropolitan and the great outdoors, this is one of the only places on Earth where one minute you’re cresting alpine summits, the next you’re taking in imperial architecture that’s simply spellbinding.

  2. Busy town square with tall churches

    Czech Republic

    A crowning jewel of Central Europe, the Czech Republic has, in recent years, become one of the continent’s most popular travel destinations. Known for its ornate castles, native beers and long history, it’s easy to see why tourists from all over the world keep coming back for more.

  3. Large white castle Chambord Chateau Chenonceau


    When it comes to travelling solo, the obvious choice is beautiful France. France is a cultural hub; from Paris, a city filled with lights and romance, to regions with their own unique traditions, you’ll find art in abundance and history in swathes. There’s nowhere quite like France, and Just You is determined to show single travellers the very best of it.

  4. Sun setting behind Cologne Cathedral


    With a landscape of brooding forests, romantic rivers, and magnificent mountain ranges, there’s artistry in the way Germany's scenery unfolds. If you’re ready for a roller-coaster ride of captivating castles, half-timbered towns and energetic cities, our specially handcrafted Germany tour packages are designed to show you the very best of what Germany has to offer, making the most of your time in this charming European country.

  5. The Fisherman's Bastion Fortress monument


    Touring Hungary is a fantastic way to travel; it’s the perfect way to visit a country awash with history, culture and fascinating attractions (both natural and man-made). Carving its way through Hungary, the mighty Danube River is truly a sight to behold, and you can even travel on this magnificent waterway if you book a river cruise with Just You.

  6. Sun setting over large waterfall


    Fascinating and full of otherworldly wilderness, Iceland is as beautiful as it is intriguing. Because its landscape is heavily volcanic, you’ll find everything from waterfalls and beautiful hot springs to gigantic sapphire-blue glaciers. Icelandic splendours are manifold; an array of exciting natural wonders await, and with the possibility of encountering the majestic Northern Lights, you should definitely bring it to the top of your ‘to-travel’ list.

  7. Low angle of the bright red St. Basil's Cathedral


    As the world's largest country, Russia holds a special place in the hearts of all travel lovers, especially those looking for adventure and excitement. The contrasts in Russia are enough to make you think you've gone to two destinations at once; in cities like Moscow and St Petersburg, a vibrant, urban culture emerges, while more rural communities tend to stick to tried and tested ways of living.

  8. Small castle atop a hill surrounded by green trees


    Replete with natural treasures, exquisite architecture, and charming rustic culture, Slovenia is somewhat of a hidden gem in the heart of Europe. Here you’ll find picturesque lakes, glorious mountain scenery, and enchanting castles, as well as a host of local treats and traditions.

  9. Sheep grazing in front of a small white cottage

    United Kingdom

    Exploring closer to home is often overlooked as far as solo travel is concerned, but it shouldn’t be; once described by poet William Blake as a ‘green and pleasant land’, the United Kingdom has more to offer the single holidaymaker than many realise. From vibrant cities to historic towns; quaint country pubs to amazing architectural wonders, the UK is the perfect place to have a solo adventure like no other.

  10. Wide angle shot of Zurich


    Home to numerous lakes and villages nestled in the high peaks of the Alps, Switzerland is the place to go for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. A land of four languages, Switzerland combines classical traditions with contemporary culture to create a destination that’s truly unrivalled in both vibrancy and versatility.


Southern & Central Europe Tour Destinations For Solo Travellers

  1. A vivid blue sea with golden sand and large cliff


    Made up of thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas, as well as its iconic mainland, Greece is both intriguing and irresistible. Thought to be the cradle of Western civilisation, its ancient influence is staggering and can still be felt even to this day. A muse-like quality surrounds Greece – both natural and man-made aspects of the country.

  2. Malta's high brick walls on the edge of the sea


    Sandwiched between Sicily and the North African coast, right in the heart of the Mediterranean, a trip to Malta may be just what you need when it comes to your singles holidays. Here you'll find historic sites related to an extensive succession of rulers, including the Romans, Moors, Knights of Saint John, French and British.

  3. Ancient ruins in Cyprus

    North Cyprus

    Fabled birthplace of Aphrodite – Greek goddess of love – the beautiful island of Cyprus rises from the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. Fringed with pristine beaches and with a coastline backed by scented pine-clad slopes, Cyprus is nothing short of dazzling. Home to everything from friendly locals and intriguing history to enchanting cities and delectable cuisine, Cyprus is the place to be for a holiday filled with all the good things in life.

  4. The Mateus Palace reflecting on a small pool


    When deciding where to travel solo, Portugal should definitely be your first choice. Replete with old-fashioned charm, quaint villages, and towns dotted amongst flower-strewn countryside, there’s so much to take in and experience here. Located on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is a country bordering Spain and, as such, shares a warm Mediterranean climate that attracts holidaymakers of all kinds.