It’s great to feel independent and travel on your own but before you’ve been on a Just You tour you might be wondering about what exactly to expect. Here’s a selection of some of our most frequently asked questions. Hopefully they’ll cover everything that’s on your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, there’s usually about 20-30 people in a group but this varies depending on the tour. The minimum group size tends to be around 10 people.
There are generally more women than men on a lot of Just You tours. On average, about three-quarters of a group may be female. However, recently we are seeing an increase in the number of men on our tours.
The majority of our customers are aged in their 50s and 60s, but you could meet people in their 20s or 80s or anything in between on our tours. Age really doesn’t matter - anyone is welcome on one of our tours.
The whole idea of a Just You tour is for you to have the tour that is right for you. You’re welcome to join all the excursions and any social occasions, such as our welcome drink and farewell get-togethers, but nothing is compulsory and you can opt in or out as you please.
The million dollar question! Quite simply, the world is your oyster. If you want to dip your toe in the water our City tours and short-haul breaks in Europe could be just the thing. Or if you really want to go for it, jump right in at the deep end and go somewhere you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Wherever you decide to go, we know you’ll have a great time!
To help you choose the right tour for your individual needs we indicate at the end of each tour description the level of walking required to maximise your enjoyment of the tour. We point out where you might be required to walk in areas of rough ground, gradients and steps, and we highlight tours which may not be suitable for customers with limited mobility. If you would like further advice please speak to one of our Tour Advisors.