Chickpea Fritters

If you're in the Palermo region of Sicily, you're highly likely to find vendors selling this delicious street food snack, known locally as panelle.



  • 192g chickpea flour
  • 750ml water
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 2 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped
  • Vegetable oil for frying


  1. Place the flour, water, and salt in a saucepan. Whisk until smooth. Set over medium heat, and whisk constantly as the mixture slowly heats, be sure to scrape the bottom and sides of pan frequently.
  2. Keep whisking for approximately 5 minutes until smooth, thick and pulling away from the sides of the pan. Remove from heat. Stir in the parsley.
  3. Pour the mixture onto a lined baking sheet (approximately 12” x 15”). Spread quickly with a spatula, before it cools and sets. Ensure it fills the pan in an even layer, about ¼ inch thick. Cool in the refrigerator for an hour, or until firm.
  4. Cut into squares with a sharp knife. Carefully lift the pieces from the pan with a spatula.
  5. Pour enough oil into a wide heavy skillet to cover ½ inch and set over a medium heat. Once hot, fry the panelle for 3 minutes, until the underside is crisp and golden, then flip and brown the other side. Place on paper towels to drain excess oil.
  6. Sprinkle with salt and drizzle some lemon juice over, serve hot.

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