Foodie experiences for solo travelers

When traveling the world, there are so many incredible experiences to enjoy – but tasting some of the local flavors that are on offer is something else! We take a look at of the some of our favorite foodie moments which you can enjoy on our singles guided vacations.

Foodie Adventures that give something back

In honour of World Food Day, we thought we’d start by taking a look at some of the Just You Cares initiatives. In partnership with Planeterra, Just You supports a variety of projects around the world as a way for the travel industry to give back to local communities. These create opportunities that lead to income, empowerment and an improved quality of life.  On some of our vacations, we’ll take you to see the work that is being done and meet some of the people who benefit.  

Sthree Café – Sri Lanka

The Women’s Development Centre (WDC) in Kandy has been working to create equal opportunities for women since 1986. This registered non-profit organization runs programmes to combat violence against women and empower them as equal members of society.  At the Shtree Craft Shop & Café, a dining area has been established to create a space for travelers to enjoy delicious Sri Lankan cuisine, which in turn has created a steady stream of income for local women. On a singles vacation in Sri Lanka you can visit the Sthree Café for a bite to eat and perhaps pick up a souvenir or two while there.

Coffee in Costa Rica

As tourism was growing in Costa Rica, an earthquake in 2009 collapsed the main road to San Miguel de Sarapiqui, leaving this isolated community unable to benefit from travelers' dollars. The CoopeSarapiqui cooperative established the Mi Cafecito Coffee Tour. The cooperative brings together more than 200 small farmers that produce organic coffee from the four regions of San Carlos, Sarapiqui, Heredia and Alajuela. On a singles vacation to Costa Rica you’ll take a ‘Mi Cafecito Coffee Tour’ to gain insight to the lives of Costa Rica’s coffee producers and have the opportunity to sample the coffee from the region.

Sthree Cafe

Native Grill

Native Grill – North America

The DinéHózhó, is a community-based, low-profit limited liability company, that works with Indigenous-owned businesses to assist in their development and connect them to the tourism industry. The Native Grill is a DinéHózhó-supported food truck owned and run by the Littleboy family, just outside of Cameron, Arizona. On a solos guided holiday in North America, Just You travelers will stop at the Native Grill for an exclusive Navajo Taco tasting, and to learn a little more about how the Navajo live today directly from Littleboy matriarch Alfreida, and her family.

Even more incredible foodie experiences

In every country there are opportunities to taste the local flavors – whether dining in a local restaurant, heading to the colorful markets, or even getting hands on with a cookery class there are many incredible experiences that you can share with like-minded solo travelers. We take a look at a few more fantastic foodie moments;

  1. KOTO, Vietnam

    Koto is a non-profit social enterprise that works with at-risk and disadvantaged youth by offering both vocation training in the hospitality industry and life-skills. On a singles holiday to Vietnam, you can visit Koto for a delicious meal featuring a selection of Vietnamese dishes offering an incredible taste sensation.

  2. Street Food, Quito

    On a singles holiday to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands you can visit Mercado Inaquito – this popular indoor market is a shopping and eating spot where many local chefs buy their produce. Here you’ll find stalls packed full of colourful tropical fruits, meats and sweets and you’ll get to try a selection of different fruits and juices while you explore.

  3. Cookery Class, Morocco

    Head to Marrakesh on a solos tour to Morocco and you’ll join fellow travelers in a cookery class.  You’ll learn about Moroccan cuisine and the intricacies of traditional cooking while you get hands on preparing a delicious lunch under the guidance of a Moroccan chef.

  4. Limoncello Tasting, Italy

    Limoncello is an Italian liqueur synonymous with southern Italy and on a singles tour to the Sorrento Peninsular, a visit to the lemon groves is an absolute must.  Visit a family-owned farm to learn about the production process used to create the liqueur where you’ll also enjoy a tasting of this popular tipple.

Feeling inspired, or maybe even a little hungry? With so many food experiences around the world, where will you go on your next solos adventure?