Delicious Flavors of the World

Tasting local cuisine is a highlight of any tour - sharing it with others is even better! That’s why all our tours begin with a welcome drink and include plenty of meals, bringing you the best in local flavors. In some destinations, you’ll even be able to rustle up a recipe yourself, with a bit of expert help of course!

We’ve plenty of interesting culinary treats lined up for you on our tours, whether you’re half board, full board or all inclusive. One day you might discover unique specialities in a bustling market, another you’ll be tucking into local produce on the very farm where it was grown. Our Holiday Directors always have lots of recommendations for the best eateries and hidden gems.

  1. Tuscany rolling hills, Italy


    Visit a traditional Tuscan farmhouse, where wine and olive oil is produced, taking a tour of the vineyards learning about their extra virgin olive oil and afterwards, we'll sit down to enjoy a delicious lunch of Tuscan specialities prepared using fresh, local ingredients.

  2. Eating Dalmatian cuisine, Croatia


    Enjoy traditional Dalmatian cuisine on the Elafiti islands, including its most famous dish, Peka. Featuring octopus, lamb or goat, the dish is cooked in a pot under a bell-shaped lid in the embers of a fire.

  3. Palmero. Sicily


    Spend your lunchtime in Palermo sampling local street food including a wide variety of dishes, such as deep fried tuna, a cheese made from sheep's milk, and arancini, which are rice balls filled with ragu sauce.